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My tutor’s level of knowledge, as it relates to financial accounting, is impeccable. Without a doubt, he is the financial accounting guru. I am the type of learner who is interested in the "framework" for approaching problems, so my learning styled meshed well with his teaching style. I recommend him without reservation!

Business student

American University

My tutor is awesome! She taught me the proper way to do APA format, citations and references. I am more confident about doing literature reviews and writing papers. She is walking knowledge when it comes to social work. She is able to explain concepts, theories, approaches, research and so much more. She is patient and encouraging, but be prepared to push yourself and work hard. The outcome is well worth it.

Social Work student

Simmons College

Devin helped me completely un-stick myself from my hugely complicated stats project for my stats class. He jumped right in to a vastly complex set of data that I hadn't been able to untangle, and went above and beyond helping me analyze and interpret it. I learned SO much in our lessons! He is able to break down difficult concepts and make them so much easier to understand, taking you through stuff step by step.

IT student

Syracuse University


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